Growing Gratitude


Do you find yourself complaining? Negative? Feeling depressed or anxious? Emotionally drained? Experiencing strain in your relationships?

sad-angryGood News! There is one shift you can make that will help not only increase your positive emotions and change your mindset; but is proven to improve your health and your relationships – GRATITUDE!


Really? That’s it? Be grateful? Didn’t my mother tell me to do that?

So why don’t we do it?

For many of us, we get into a place of entitlement and taking things for granted. For example, when you pay $5 for a cup of coffee, you expect to receive your coffee a certain way, within a certain amount of time and with a certain attitude from the barista. If comes out the way you like it, you may utter a quick “thanks” – and if it doesn’t, you get upset because you are paying good money for your coffee and you have places to go and things to do, and this is now hindering your plans.

Did you know this entitlement attitude is killing your joy?

Are you ready to increase your joy, happiness and impact those around
you in a positive way?



the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness


 *Group officially starts October 1, 2016

Growing Gratitude is a community for you to join where you will be encouraged and inspired to live a life of gratitude through thoughts, words and actions. In joining you will receive:

  • New challenges each month focused on increasing gratitude in a certain area of your life
  • Weekly video from Tracy Fagan with practical applications for increasing your gratitude
  • Access to a Private Facebook Group for inspiration and accountability for your gratitude growth
  • Live interaction with Tracy in the Private Facebook Group for Growing Gratitude
  • For new members, a copy of the Gratitude A to Z Journal by Tracy Fagan mailed to you – this journal will be used in this group
  • A measurement tool to help you acknowledge the changes taking place in your life due to your gratitude
  • Inspiring interviews with extraordinary people of how gratitude has benefit them and transformed their life
  • Free shipping on additional copies of Gratitude A to Z Journal for all members!

$17.99 for the first month, then $9.99 Month to Month Membership
Your membership will run for 30 consecutive days

 *Group officially starts October 1, 2016

If you join on the 5th, your membership will go until the 5th of the following month. At that you will be renewed in the program you selected unless a cancellation is made. If a cancellation is made within 3 business days of an automated billing a refund may be issued however no refunds shall be done after 3 business days of the charge date.


What does a Gratitude Perspective Shift  look like?

gratitude-coffeeIn reality, a $5 cup of coffee is a luxury item.  There are people who don’t have clean water to drink or food to eat. Now this isn’t meant to make you feel guilty or that you shouldn’t enjoy your extra-large-half-caf-skinny-dry-mocha-cappuccino – or whatever your drink of choice might be. What living a life of gratitude does require is instead of demanding things to be a certain way when order your designer coffee, take a moment to be grateful that you have the ability to purchase a $5 cup of coffee and recognize the people that create for you – even if it is their job. The barista who is there creating this drink for you – you don’t know what is going on in his or her own life. They may be going through a divorce or watching a parent die, or maybe they are doing whatever it takes to put themselves through school and make ends meet, therefore running on just a few hours of sleep or maybe, their life is going exactly as they want it to. Whatever the scenario, they are human, and as all humans, we desire to be noticed and acknowledged. Not with just a “Thanks” looking over our shoulder as we walk away, but a genuine appreciation for what they are doing.  It may be learning their name and remembering it and using it day after day.

The way you get better with anything is to practice it every day. Surrounding yourself with like-minded people and being accountable for your commitment to implement change in your life.

 *Group officially starts October 1, 2016

Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.

1 Thessalonians 5:18


I had a dispute with my bank. Due to a miscommunication, I had received multiple service charges. I was speaking to the first line customer service rep and he kept telling me there was nothing he could do. In a friendly voice, I told him I believed him and was grateful for the information he gave me; and then asked if he had a supervisor I could speak with. When I was connected with his supervisor, the first thing I did was mentioned that the service rep I was speaking with was friendly and polite, but I wanted to see if anything else could be done. By addressing the situation with a positive attitude and gratitude in my mind, I got the fees reversed AND an additional $62 credited to my account for my trouble!