Your business has created a great product or service that is a solution for people’s needs, but it doesn’t do much good if no one knows about it. That is where our effective services of book publicist, web development, brand and print marketing comes into play.

In marketing your book or product, the first question you should ask:

How do I connect with the people who can benefit from my solution?


Continue the conversation with:

How do I continue to build a relationship with my customers?


Fireball Creative is here to help you navigate the vast choices of marketing options and help you create a successful blend of media introductions, marketing messages, communication systems and customer relationship building techniques to assist you in servicing both current and new clients.

Your marketing solution will be developed keeping the following aspects in mind:

  • Your target market – who they are and where they are
  • Ongoing assessment of your marketing efforts through reporting and analytics, allowing us to keep what works and refine what doesn’t
  • Expanding into new markets and reaching out to new clients
  • Maximizing your current marketing budget to meet your business needs
  • Your strengths in engaging with your potential clients and other platforms to spread your message
  • Assist with automation of your platforms

The exciting part is that we will work together to share your product or service with those who need it. And celebrate the success and satisfaction of watching it serve the people who would benefit from your offering to the world.

Tracy Fagan, the owner of Fireball Creative, brings over 22 years of experience integrating the various aspects of marketing to bring about a cohesive message to your company and brand.

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